Private dock in Attica for sale

An area of 32,000 m² and 16,000 m² with cover storage spaces
(LOGISTICS) and a private dock is for sale. The facilities, all
fenced, are well equipped, as they have all accesses to water
supply, electricity and communications networks.

They have direct access to the highway (Attiki Odos) and they
are easily and fully connected to the main European Highway
Networks towards to Western and Eastern Europe. It is ready
and operational for commercial use, without any extra
expenses, but it can also be easily converted to an
assembling - packaging and distribution unit for high quality
products countries outside the European Union (with added
value) and this operation among others will be served directly
from the private pier (dock).

The pier can host ships till 15.000 MT, but it needs uploading
facilities. Offer price not set at this point.

Price: EUR 13 mln plus 3,72% commission (incl. 24% vat),
transfer tax and legal expenses.

Viewings are accepted upon special request. Serious
buyers with real LOI are welcomed.

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